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random awesome

  1. height: somethin la. i know i'm short :P
  2. Shoe Size: 5/38
  3. Sexual Orientation: apakah? 
  4. Do you Smoke? : nope.
  5. Do you Drink? : water? yes.
  6. Do you Take Drugs? : ubat tu? okie certain time ;p
  7. Have Tattoos? : dosa tatuu -.- 
  8. Got any Piercings? : yes.
  9. Want any piercings? : dah ada sepasang kat telinga. cukuplaa -.-
  10. Best friend? hoho ramai kawan baek aku. tp yang terbaek Adriana Izzati , Qiera Amira :P
  11. Relationship status: is taken by Him.
  12. Biggest turn ons: when somebody smile at me.
  13. Favorite Movie: A LOTTTTTTT
  14. I’ll love you if: you belanje i makan. cool blog ke? :)
  15. Someone you miss: my  ex-girlfriend.  ops :p
  16. What I hate most about myself: lazinesss and low self-esteem.
  17. What I love most about myself: i'm beautiful and owhsem in my way. :D
  18. What I want to be when I get older: doctor or photographer.
  19. My relationship with my sibling(s): damn good! :D
  20. My relationship with my parents: alhamdulillah. good as always.
  21. My idea of a perfect date: my anniverssary wiff ....
  22. A description of the girl/boy I like: the one that always smiling. :)
  23. What I hate the most about school: homeworks.
  24. What my last text message says: i busy n  blaa blaa blaa.
  25. What words upset me the most: Go away la!
  26. What I find attractive in girls. : personality and friendliness.
  27. Where I would like to live : beside my love 
  28. My childhood career choice : doctor jugaa
  29. My favorite ice cream :  strawberry and  chocolate chipss
  30. Where I want to be right now : in bed. so tireddd.
  31. The last thing I ate : chicken popcorns
  32. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately : Adam Shariff -.-'
  33. A random fact about anything : i love people easily. and it's not that hard to make me fall in love. :P
k bye. =.=

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